Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still Catching Up

I started cleaning up the craft room and I found the Black and white inchies that Lynn sent to me before I left for vacation. I am amazed on how everyone did something completely different using the black and white theme.

Jan is quite on the ball and has sent out her celestial inchies for this months theme. I haven't even started mine yet, as I needed to get some get well and birthday cards done and mailed out. I plan to get them done and in the mail no later than Monday.

I also received the last swap card from Linda. She used the just released cat from Magenta and it is done in my favorite color PINK. I think this cat looks just like Fatso and as always I love the eyes Linda uses for her cats. I have gotta order some more of them for myself. I tried using them on one of my owls, but the owl looked like he was mad. I guess you just can't put cat eyes on an owl.

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