Thursday, July 23, 2009

I received these inchies from Joy the last of the Recycled/Kitchen theme for this month. It looks like Joy went with the kitchen theme. My favorite is the toaster, you can not see it from the picture but she even used some thin plastic tubing for the electrical cord. Joy always puts in a lot of detail, I think she must have good eyesight and tiny fingers.

Next is a card from Sue F requesting me to smile. Well all she is going to get fro right now is 1/2 a smile. I need to get my bottom teeth to fit better before I can wear them. But everything is healing up real nice and soon I will be smiling with brand mew pearly white teeth.

Last but not least Linda sent me this real cute cat card. she used fabric for this card and each cat is mounted on a different shape of card stock. I think her cat must have slept on the card before Linda mailed it as Fatso will not leave the card alone.

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